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KIN HENG has been delivering top-tier curved plywood components & shell chairs for more than 20 years!



Over the past decade, KIN HENG has established itself as a leading and trusted curved plywood manufacturer in Malaysia by producing quality curved plywood seating components and chairs for the contract seating industry. 

Why Choose Us



more than 20-year experience in manufacturing high-quality curved/molded/bent plywood seating components for contract seating industry


State-of-the-art Manufacturing Facilities

control and guarantee the highest product quality and on-time delivery


Specialization & Customization

offering many options and different combinations of curved plywood shell, seat and backrest models, surface finishes as well as various high-end models of metal and timber leg frames.

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Strategic Partnership

A Comprehensive Cooperation Agreement exists between SEATPLY’s group of companies based in Montreal, Canada and KIN HENG TIMBER INDUSTRIES SDN BHD since 2005. SEATPLY is one of the largest curved plywood manufacturers in North America.


Photo with President of SEATPLY’s group of companies, Mr Levon Afeyan

Social Responsibility

FSC® CoC Certification

KIN HENG recognizes the important role in protecting and preserving our environment for the present and for the future.

Maker of Premium Curved Plywood Seating Components & Chairs

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